Our Terms & Conditions

2019 - RATES

Conditions for Dog Walks

Pre paid dog walk package of 25 walks: $399.00
Pre paid dog walk package 10 walks: $180.00
Single walk as needed: $20.00
*Packages have no expiration date

Please Note Conditions:
Walk visits are at least 30 minutes, sometimes they may run longer and sometimes, due to weather conditions, they may need to be shorter. Weather conditions such as blizzards, heavy snow, icy conditions, extreme heat/cold, wind storms, thunder/lightening or pouring rain may effect duration.
* If cancellation by The Daily Skoop due to weather, no charge will apply.
Cancellation by customer must be confirmed by text, email, or verbally to be valid, otherwise full fee charge of one walk at current package price will apply.
Cancellation by customer with less then 24hrs notice will result in full fee charge of one walk at current package price.
If The Daily Skoop cannot get access to the premises, or dog is not home, full fee charge of one walk at current package price will apply.
Unforeseen circumstances may cause scheduled times to vary within a half hour window (example: if your scheduled time is noon, walk could be up to a half hour earlier or a half hour later)
20% discount applies for a second pet on pre-paid walk packages of 10 or 25.
Surcharge of $10.00 is added under the following 3 conditions (only 1 will apply)
Last minute “squeeze me in” booking (request made less than 24 hrs in advance)
Early AM/Late PM (walks required before 8am or after 8pm)
Holiday surcharge will apply for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Rosh Hashanah 1st & 2nd Eve/Day, Passover 1st & 2nd Eve/Day, Yom Kippur Eve/Day.

Dog Run Service

Pre paid run package of 10 runs: $190.00
Pre paid run package of 5 runs: $110.00
Single run: $25.00
*Packages have no expiration date

Runs are designed to exercise your dog. If your dog is high energy, a little overweight, or just loves to run, our run option is a perfect choice (interval run/walk options available for beginners). We will run your dog between 20-30 minutes. Please note Same Conditions listed under “walks” will apply. Runs may be canceled due to extreme cold (below 35 degrees), or extreme heat (above 90 degrees).

Conditions for Pet Sitting (Includes Feeding)

At The Skoop: 60.00 per day with check out by 12 PM noon
(After 12:00pm, next day rate is applied)
*Options for placement in the homes of our multiple outside sitters

At your home: 3 visits/walks/feedings: $60.00 per day
At your home: 2 visits /walks/feedings: $50.00 per day
Additional visits over 3 visits: add $15.00/visit

*Overnight Pet Sitting in your home available upon request:
1 dog – $80.00 per day 2 dogs – $100.00 3 dogs – $110.00
(If checkout after 12:00pm, next day rate is applied)

Please Note Conditions:

50% deposit is required to hold dates upon booking, if dates are canceled with 2 weeks notice, full deposit will be returned, if dates are canceled with fewer then 2 weeks notice, deposit will not be returned unless The Daily Skoop is able to re-book the canceled time.

Day Visits At The Skoop

Visits up to 4 hours $40.00 Visits up to 8 hours $55.00
(after 8hrs pet sitting rate of $58.00 will be charged), plus sales tax

Express Bath / Grooming Services

We partner with area groomers to bring the best service at affordable prices.
All bath and grooming services include round trip transportation
Express baths include: bathing, brush out, ear cleaning, nail trim (straight cut)
Extra fee: dremel sanding, face trim, private part touch up, de-shedding, skunk treatment.
Express Bath Fees:
Dogs up to 25lbs: $47.00 Dogs up to 50lbs: $52.00
Dogs up to 75lbs: $69.00 Dogs over 100lbs: $75.00
Prices may vary based on groomers review of dogs condition and time needed to complete work.

Transportation Services

Transport up to 10 miles or 10 minutes $15.00 each way.

Additional Services Offered

Transport up to 10 miles or 10 minutes $15.00 each way.

Training Services

The Daily Skoop partners with a variety of trainers with varying specialties
(Anxiety, behavior, leash management, pulling / walking skills, aggression, sit, stay, down, jumping, etc)

Consultation fee: $235.00 (one time fee only)
Training session fee: 150.00/visit
subject to individual dogs needs/recommendations

Dog Hikes

This service is designed to take dogs on hikes in parks / hiking trails (on leash) for either 1-1/2 or 3 hours, includes round trip transportation.
Hikes will depend on weather.

Hike fee: $45 for 1-1/2 hr or $85.00 for 3 hr per hike
Pre paid hike package of 5 hikes $200.00 for 1-1/2hr or 375.00 for 3 hr.

Pet Services With Professional Care

The Daily Skoop currently services Glen Rock, Fair Lawn, Hawthorne, Ridgewood and Wyckoff. Please contact us to discuss other areas.
BOOK 24/7
With online booking we can handle your requests in seconds. Book online 24/7 or call us during business hours and we'll be happy to help.
After each online booking you will receive an online confirmation for your booking, and the option to receive SMS reminders about your pet service booking.
Pay Online directly through our booking page, or on the day of your service. We accept the following payment options Cash, Check, Credit Card.